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We provide various services ranging from eCommerce to informational website, at highly crafted team of web developers and managers make sure our services stay at peak of mountain. Few services as like, website SEO, theme development, mobile app development, web apps, progressive web apps,etc.

  • ModulePoints is a one-stop-shop that brings a myriad of web related services to the customers.

    The Search Engine Optimization technique is playing a vital role in the success and progression of business concerns. The websites which are optimized properly for search engines likes of Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. will receive good traffic and customers.

    E-commerce has simplified the purchasing system to a great level. Now through an easy internet access, everyone wishes to make online purchasing through several e-commerce websites which give a detailed information about the products, prices and uses to the consumers in need.

    We design and build eye-pleasing responsive web designs to attract the customers online. The right combination of colors, designs, and patterns are involved in crafting the website beautifully. As we all know that a website gives a foremost impression of any company that’s why it has to be very appealing and attractive in design.

  • As the technology advances, a range of themes and templates are available to assist in creating the finest graphic designs for the websites. The graphic designing plays an imperative role to seek the customer attention. The design and color combination must be chosen for the best so as to reach the desired results. And if you’re looking for perfection, Module Points is the destination.

    We keep a close look into the needs of graphic designing along with which are makinguse of the finest sources for deriving an output. While executing the entire designing process, we are focused on the feel and desired output of the website so as to deliver the optimum results.

    Following the adage, the first impression is the last impression, we pour in efforts to design eye-catching and highly captivating websites to entice as many customers. Our panel of professionals works hard to bring your website alive.

    Our graphics team iscapable to get the right set of images that will reflect your brand as you will be seeing yourself in the mirror. The features that we are offering under graphic designing services include:

    Design Consultation


    Correction of colours before printing it into digital form

    Pre-launch services

  • With websites being the lifeline of companies, Module Points is using the latest mechanism and tools for developing e-commerce and company websites in the most unique and beautiful fashion.

    We develop sites on asp.net and PHP for its smooth and efficient run. Whatsoever is your requirement for the website, we give you the best. In addition to it, we also offer the software development services which could be helpful in the future course of action.

    With dedicated professionals at assistance, we offer a spectrum of features in the web development service. The final output, we offer is free from errors and bugs. We believe in testing the development process before handing over the designed product. We count upon top-notch technical frameworks for developing the websites. It gives us an access to powerful platforms where we can run your websites in a hassle-free manner.

    What more we offer:

         Listed below are some of the advantages of website development with us:

         1. Easily accessible on all Smartphone variants

         2. Customized for working in all web browsers

         3. Easy to use and user-friendly

         4. Depending on the needs of the clients, the websites are customized

         5. Provide website hosting

         6. Provide prototyping of websites

  • If you’re eyeing on a customized app for windows, android or iOS or planning to require a super responsive application for Smartphones, contact us!

    From Apple watches to iPads to iPhones, we are equipped with the applications. We are developing the mobile apps since long. You say it and we’ll have it for you. The Android apps are less complex and make it more useful as we can code and move around easily. 

    The technology has reached the new heights, our team uses every bit of latest tools in the market to revolutionize the normal thing into an extraordinary. 

  • We serve you best-customized designs as per your requirement. We believe in a complete module development. You can get default modulation to cater your business needs. We develop custom modules that you can put to use time to time. Third party extensions and integrated modules are available. Bespoke web design services for online stores are presented to the clients.

    You can avail an integrated shopping cart with a defined product catalog. We are committed to design prompt and easy online stores for you!

    Module Points is a boutique company offering a wide range of customized services for a huge variety of business domains. Whether you are a start-up or an established organization, we will be happy to assist you at any and every stage of the business development cycle.

    Here, we don’t just create custom designs we build solutions to your business problems. We’re backed by a huge success record and the trust of the world’s biggest brands. Choose us to unleash your dream of making it big in the industry.


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